Temperature Logger (TAG Sensor)

Temperature Logger (TAG Sensor)

The temperature logger tag, simply called the TAG, is a thin flexible temperature logger in the form of a sticker or shipping label. The TAG logs the temperature of your cargo from producer to consumer, regardless of carriers or transportation methods.

Reading data from the TAG is as easy as ever with the TAG Tap smartphone app. Simply tap your phone on the TAG, and the data is uploaded to TAG Portal and displayed in the app. Who has access to read the data is fully configurable.

The TAG can be printed and started automatically with our TAG Print solution, or they can be ordered pre-printed from us and started with your smartphone upon shipping your precious goods.

The TAG can log up to 4800 temperature log points with an accuracy of ±0.5°C (±0.9°F). It is accurate from -30°C to +50°C.

The TAG Solution gives you unmatched insight into your cold chain logistics. Our temperature logger TAG is as small as a sticker and controlled by your smartphone. It records the temperature of your cargo from A to B, regardless of carrier.
TAG Portal
TAG Portal

TAG Portal is a cloud based temperature logger tag management platform. It gives you full control and overview of overall temperature loggers, users, data reports, tag reads, tag printing and more.

  • View the temperature graph of any tag
  • View generated temperature reports
  • Organize who has access to read tags (or open it up to the world)
  • View tag readings with location data
  • Set up temperature logger configurations
  • Set up custom data integrations
  • View pictures of the shipment as operators add them with the TAG Tap smartphone application

TAG Tap is a smartphone application that allows users to read temperature data from TAGs, as well as set temperature logger configuration and add comments and images of the shipment along its way.

TAG Tap makes data logging easy!

  • Read temperature log of TAGs
  • View temperature graphs (if the configuration allows it)
  • View table of temperaures
  • Add data to TAG (e.g. AWB number, damage report)
  • Add image to TAG showing e.g. placement or damage to cargo
TAG Print – Local Print System
TAG Print – Local Print System

TAG Print solution gives you the ability to print temperature logger tags on site, integrating the logger tag application into your process. Having the TAG Print solution will also enable you to integrate your own data sources into the print on the TAG. The printing process is controlled from the TAG Portal, where temperature logger settings and graphic profiles are generated. TAG Print can also start the temperature loggers directly upon printing them, so they are ready to stick onto your packages and be shipped in no-time!

  • Fast and easy to install
  • Generates temperature loggers on-demand, ready-to-go!
  • No dedicated computer/laptop necessary
  • No local software installation
  • Easy maintenance
TAG Gate
TAG Gate

TAG Gates are UHF RF-ID gateways placed at central locations around your warehouse. As a pallet of goods tagged with our temperature logger tags zooms by, the temperature data is made available in the TAG Portal automatically.

  • High grade of automation
  • Limits workload on workers
  • Lots of integration possibilities
  • Never miss a temperature log
TAG Reader
TAG Reader

The TAG Reader is a rugged handheld Android based UHF RFID reader. It enables the user to read and control the TAG temperature logger from a distance of up to 7 meters.

  • Long range data capture
  • Can endure harsh environments (IP65)